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The Health Of Female Veterans - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 842 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/04/15 Category Society Essay Level High school Topics: Veterans Essay Did you like this example? In the United States, social programs and interventions continue to work toward gender equality and womens empowerment. Closing these gaps and unlocking the unique potential of women across the U.S. would benefit the country in various ways. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Health Of Female Veterans" essay for you Create order While gender equality works towards men and women being treated equally, it remains true that gender differences exist and must be studied in the context of health. As stated by the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (2000); The desegregation of health and socio-economic data according to sex is essential for identifying and remedying inequalities in health. (p. 8) One interesting and important group for which this need for research exists is the United States Military. The Womens Army Corps was de-established in 1978, at which time women were integrated into the military with their male counterparts. In 2013, following a growing demand for gender equality and a decrease in the overall number of individuals enlisting, the ban preventing women from serving in combat was lifted. Steps continue to be taken in the various military sectors, working towards equal opportunities of service for both men and women. However female veterans continue to report problems, typical to marginalized groups, such as lack of access to care, low quality care, and poor patient-doctor communication. (Villagran, Ledford, Canzona, 2015) Throughout the past two decades in particular, the United States Armed Forces have been deployed in unparalleled frequencies and durations. Following the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, service members have faced an increasingly high rate of combat. The context of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have often included multiple deployments and ambiguous missions, in which the violence endured and witnessed is unpredictable. This is notable in predicting future health outcomes for our armed service members, as studies show combat has a significant impact on the physical, social, and psychological health of veterans. (Williston, Taft, VanHaasteren, 2015) According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Veteran Population Projection report (2016), the U.S. veteran population will decrease from 20 million to 13.6 million from 2017 to 2037. In this time, they estimate the percentage of male veterans will decrease 2.3% annually, while the percentage of female veterans will con tinue to increase .7% annually. In the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq women represented approximately 10% of all deployed personnel. (Crum-Cianflone Jacobson, 2014) The motivation behind women joining the United States Military appears to be similar to that of men; whether it be an ambition for higher education, a need for a reliable and safe social structure, or a patriotic desire to protect ones country. (Mankowski et al., 2016) However, the health implications of this service, once U.S. armed services members leave the line of duty, differ by gender and must be studied. One specific example of a health concern found to occur among over 33% of women in the military, compared to 23% of non-veteran women is intimate partner violence (IPV). (Bartlett, Iverson, Mitchell, 2018) By studying this specific health concern, one can see how action towards basic health rights such as housing and food stability can positively affect various health outcomes. Gaps in Research: A literature review of existing research shows that service members, in comparison to civilians, are at a higher risk for various health issues including IPV. Of these service members, those that have faced deployment or combat exposure have been shown to be at an even greater risk. (Crum-Cianflone et al., 2014) Looking specifically at women in the armed services, millions of dollars have been spent researching their physical and health capabilities, in efforts to argue if and how they should be integrated into the military. (Seelig et al., 2012) However, insufficient research has been done focusing on the health and well-being of women service members during and post deployment. It is important for our government to focus more of their resources and time on this matter. The gender research that has been done on the armed service population shows that military women are at a higher risk of many health issues in comparison to male members of the armed services. However, the extent, determinants, and repercussions of these health differences still need to be examined. With their growing numbers and changing roles in the United States Military, research focused on women is vital to minimizing the negative effects American women face in their service to our country. In the past two decades, IPV has been identified as a major social health concern for women in the United States. While the majority of studies looking at armed services members have been focused on men, this research shows early identification of individuals suffering from IPV can dramatically impact the resulting negative short and long term consequences. (Sparrow et al., 2017) However, a major barrier in treating and preventing IPV is that victims are reluctant to disclose their experiences for fear of the potentially damaging repercussions. The research that has been focused on females shows the overall rate of women in the military suffering from IPV may also be skewed by an unusually high percent of women who enter the armed forces having already suffered IPV. (Dichter, Wagner, True, 2015)

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Giving Is The Meaning Of Happiness - 2257 Words

Giving is the meaning of happiness. â€Å"Happiness is always a by-product. It is probably a matter of temperament, and for anything I know it may be glandular. But it is not something that can be demanded from life, and if you are not happy you had better stop worrying about it and see what treasures you can pluck from your own brand of unhappiness†. (qtd. in Barnet and Hugo 775). In other words, if inside you are unhappy or you do not want to be unhappy turn that around and pluck out the joy and the happiness however little it may be and put it out there for everyone and notice how that joy and happiness will build and then return back to you. Happiness is not just self-satisfaction, it involves generosity, compassion, and good relationship toward others. These days we associate happiness with material things, the more we have the more we want, and at the end we realized that material things give us only temporary happiness. There are many definitions about happiness but a ccording to Van Gelder, author of the article A Brief History of Happiness, we had been confused about this concept for the last 100 years. She mentions that happiness is something big, it determines what we do, it requires our sacrifice, and it interferes in the way we spend our money and our time. Happiness is not just self-satisfaction, many should agree that generosity brings happiness to others, but more to the ones who decide to share what they have. Something important to consider when looking forShow MoreRelatedThe Dignity Of Human Life Essay1412 Words   |  6 Pagesprovided by general means of formal education or experience, but is obtained individually through thinking over someone’s life, self-exploring and subjective conviction. The reason for developing such view of life is that view of life is the mean of giving one’s life. â€Å"it is a principle of living, a spirit and an attitude capable of maintaining its unity and identity with itself in all of li fe’s complexities and varying vicissitudes.† Said by Swenson. It is the sense, dignity and worth. Otherwise, aRead More`` There s More Than Happiness ``871 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"There’s More to Life than Happiness† was a fascinating article to me. As I have grown, matured and experienced life, I have contemplated many of the ideas that Frankl brought forth. Over the years, I have watched others pursue meaning and countless more pursue happiness. I have watched some struggle with depression and suicide while they languished in lack of meaning and purpose. I have a friend who was in the first wave of Marines into Iraq when Operation Iraqi Freedom started. We haveRead MoreThe Problem Of True Happiness1696 Words   |  7 PagesTrue happiness is defined by, having a sense of deep inner well-being, how you fell about a certain situation and experiencing true happiness is a great thing. The reason why true happiness is important in the world of today is because, without true happiness the world would, come unraveled and more crimes and the government might go into a crazy binge where there is no control over what is said, or down on any issue that is put in front of the government like, immigration reform, to make changesRead MoreThe Search Of Happiness By Jeff Haden1463 Words   |  6 Pagessearch of happiness, meaning makes an impact. When we experience happiness, we are placing meaning to that specific event. The association we make and link our happiness too has to have meaning. The reason person A enjoys long walks at the park and associates them with happiness is because it brings back happy childhood memories. Person B may not associate long walks at the park with happiness, but Sunday meals with the family with happiness. The reason different people have different meanings of happinessRead MoreReflection Of Meaning Paper : Dr. Viktor Frankl940 Words   |  4 PagesReflection of Meaning Paper Dr. Viktor Frankl was and still is a well-known psychiatrist that survived one of the most traitorous times for a Jewish man, the Holocaust. Due to this experience, Dr. Frankl wrote the short and famous psychological memoir, Man’s Search for Meaning, where he discusses the importance of meaning for a man’s survival. For my Introduction to Counseling course, we had to read this memoir and reflect on three specific topics: identifying one quote that I found insightful andRead MoreThe Giving Tree1445 Words   |  6 PagesLiterary Analysis on The Giving Tree The Giving Tree is a story about the relationship between a boy and a tree.   When the boy was young, the tree and he became really good friends.   The tree is like a provider for the boy and always gives him what he needs, such as vines to swing from, shade to sit in, apples to eat, branches to build a house, a trunk to build a boat and a stump to sit on.   As the boy got older, the tree would allow the boy to mutilate her and take her branches, apples, and trunkRead MoreThe Article Journal Times Editorial : Abortion Should Be Legal1080 Words   |  5 Pagesunderstand that they are still affecting their lives. A utilitarianism would argue that to maximize happiness, the victim must give birth to the child. Let’s argue this from an act-utilitarianism view of point. First let’s look at the meaning for what a Utilitarianism is. According to the book â€Å"Doing Ethics† by Lewis Vaughn, to a Utilitarianism the only thing that matters is to maximize happiness, everything else doesn’t matter. Utilitarianism also talks about those that produce the greatest balanceRead MoreSummary Of The Giving Tree 1706 Words   |  7 PagesLynnea R. Duff Daniel C. Robinson English 1302 April 16 2016 The Giving Tree The Giving Tree is a story about the relationship between a boy and a tree. When the boy was young he and the tree became very close friends. The tree is seen as a provider to the boy and always gives him what he needs. As the boy grew, the tree gave more. These things include vines to swing from, shade to sit in, apples to eat, branches to build a house, a trunk to build a boat and a stump to sit on. He, the boy wantedRead MoreDeontology Is An Ethical Theory900 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout history, wars over the meaning of equality have been expressed in many ways for the purpose of establishing one standard to the meaning of equal. Equal is being treated with the same respect regardless of gender. The theory of deontology has defined and developed the meaning of equal within society. However, it has been a slow process. Miscommunication and misunderstanding to the meaning of gender equality is responsible for personal and social tyranny. Happiness, fairness, and dignit y haveRead MoreMan’s search For Meaning is a book written by Viktor Frankl. It is the inspirational story of900 Words   |  4 PagesMan’s search For Meaning is a book written by Viktor Frankl. It is the inspirational story of Frankl’s experience as a prisoner in a Nazi death camps. Frankl who is a psychiatrist by profession, uses his ordeal to understand and document the psychology of survival. From his experiences, he developed a new school known as Logo therapy. He lost his parents, his pregnant wife, and brother in the same concentration camps. From 1942 to 1945, Frankl survived four death camps including Auschwitz. The story

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Computer Science Memory Management - 1149 Words

Memory Management Navid Salehvaziri Virginia International University Abstract Memory management is a field of computer science that involves the act of managing computer memory to use it more efficient. That means how the computer allocate portion of memory to programs at different levels of priority to make faster program execution regard to memory space limitation. There are many techniques that are developed to reach this goal at many levels. This article try to introduce memory management levels and techniques. Especially in this article, I want to focus at of memory management of operation system level and its techniques like virtual memory that is one of the common technique that is used by many operation system to boost overall system performance. Memory Management Introduction Memory management is a technique that is used by computer system to allocate a limited amount of physical memory to processes of running user applications and operation system in a way of boost and optimize computer performance. Memory management techniques usually are deployed at three level of computer system that are: 1. Hardware memory management. 2. Operating system memory management. 3. Application memory management. In most computers all of these three level techniques are used to some extent. These are described in more details below. Hardware memory management Memory management at the hardware level is concerned with the physical devices that actually store data and programsShow MoreRelatedComputer Programming And Informational Technology1499 Words   |  6 Pagesof new STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) jobs through 2022 will be in computing† (Hoffman). This information shows that computer science is a major field, and that it is growing rapidly; However, there are not enough people to fill the roles in this field. So, in order to understand how computers work and what career paths are associated with them, It’s important to figure out how the hardware works, software works, and then see what career paths there are in computer programming andRead MoreComputer Technology And Its Advancement765 Words   |  4 Pages Computer Technology and its Advancement in Nursing As nursing students, we are taught to utilize the nursing process in almost every aspect of our work. The nursing process communicates and coordinates care with all other clinical disciplines. It assists in coordinating discharge planning, education, teaching, and transition of care. Utilizing informatics and healthcare technologies is one of the nursing essentials of the Master’s in Education Program. Nursing is the hub of information flow in allRead MoreOperating System and Network Administration Essay1729 Words   |  7 PagesThe Role of Operating Systems and Network Administration in the IS Curriculum D. Robert Adams and Carl Erickson Grand Valley State University Department of Computer Science and Information Systems Allendale, MI 49401 USA Abstract The reliance by companies of all sizes on information technology creates strong demand for system and network administration jobs. Information System majors will increasingly find themselves with opportunities and responsibilities in these areas. However, teachingRead MoreMy Goals in Studying Computer Science955 Words   |  4 Pagesfurther and to do research in the field of computer science has developed out of my experiences in my academic life, work practices and also from my family environment, which has always encouraged me to learn and take my decisions by myself. My interest at school level lies more in subject of maths, science and computer sciences. I had created my first program in LOGO progdramming language in my 5th grade. That was the time when I first encountered computer programming and then in my subsequent yearsRead MoreComputer Operating System Security Its Design And Different Aspect Of It1160 Words   |  5 Pagesallocates and manages various resources like pr ocessors, memory, input/output and information on secondary devices. Here, in this essay we are going to find the important of computer operating system security its design and different aspect of it. A computer is basically a lump of metal. With its software, a computer can store, process and retrieve information, find spelling errors in manuscripts, play games and engage in many valuable activities. Computer software can be roughly divided into two kinds:Read MoreI Had More Interest On Computer Science706 Words   |  3 PagesI had more interest on computer science and want learn more on a computer. I shared my view with my brothers for going another college to continue my education in computer science with my brothers because they were a source of funding without them I was not able to continue study. I got a green signal from brothers for supporting my undergraduate study in the capital city. There were only two public colleges offered BSc computer science program and had a huge competition to get in place for studyRead MoreEver since I have used a computer, I have been captivated by the incredible world of the digital600 Words   |  3 Pageshave used a computer, I have be en captivated by the incredible world of the digital industry. One of the earliest memories I have was to use a floppy disk, the idea of capturing something virtual and integrating it into a physical object fascinated me. As technology has advanced so has its implements, I recall the floppy disk being as big as my hand and to now hold a memory stick smaller than my thumb with 91022.2 times more storage capacity just astonishes me. The advancement of computers at this exponentialRead MoreThe Importance Of Knowledge Management And Information969 Words   |  4 Pages Knowledge management and information is the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organizational knowledge.It refers to a multi-disciplinary approach to achieving organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge. It includes the fields of business administration, information systems, management, library, and information sciences. Other fields may contribute to research, including information and media, computer science, public health, and public policy. ManyRead MoreWhen I go back in time, the images that make the fondest memories of my childhood are primarily600 Words   |  3 Pagesgo back in time, the images that make the fondest memories of my childhood are primarily the ones related to computers. While I was growing up, I spent a good amount of time learning new things about computers through whatever source I could. What started as a leisure pursuit soon turned into passion, and when the time came to choose my subject for pre-university , computer was my first choice. I studied technology and hardware workshop, computer networks, information bank, operating system, physicsRead MoreAdvantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers. Summary1083 Words   |  5 PagesSummary introduction to computer Chapter 1 A meaning of computer A Computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory There are three process of computer 1. Collects data (input) 2. Processing 3. Produces information (output) The Components of a Computer A computer contains many electric, electronic, and mechanical components known as hardware. There are five type of the components of computer. 1.Input Devices is

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Compare Contrast Two Paintings Essay Example For Students

Compare Contrast Two Paintings Essay Explain how the perspective, technique, and compositional features of each painting help create contrasting rhetorical effects. In your analysis, focus on two or three specific points of contrast. Support your analysis by referring to specific details from each painting. Questions for Visual Analysis What point of view does the painting take toward its subject? Does the Perspective perspective seem subjective or objective, positive or negative, emotional or detached? How do the details of the painting create a specific impression? What artistic techniques does the painting display? Does the painting seem Technique realistic or expressionistic? Are its colors vibrant or subdued? Does the brush work kick polished or messy? How are the details of the painting arranged? What do you notice about Compositional the colors, the lines, and the relationships among the people and objects Features portrayed? How do the individual figures relate to each other and to their setting? What visual parallels and relationships do you see? Your analysis should present both your own observations and library research. The essay must include at least POUR sources documented in proper MEAL aroma, with in-text, parenthetical references and a list of Works Cited. Two of your sources will be primary sources?the two paintings you analyze?and two will be secondary sources?historical or critical commentary relevant to the paintings. (Please note: encyclopedias?including On-line encyclopedias like Wisped?do not count as sources for this assignment. ) Give your essay a thesis and a clear, logical organization. Your first paragraph should start with a strong lead, provide any necessary background information, and end With a clear thesis statement. The next arcograph should establish the similarities between the two paintings and describe them. Then, in two or three paragraphs, present the points of contrast between the two paintings. Awe sure to support your analysis with specific details from the paintings. In your final paragraph, summarize your main points and clearly present the significance of your analysis. Each paragraph should have a strong topic sentence. Outline for Analysis of Two paintings Hooks the readers interest. Provides background on the two paintings. Ends with a thesis statement. Description Sets up similarities. (l paragraph)

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The Spider free essay sample

This essay looks at how two poets utilize a spider in their poems for completely different purposes in Frosts Design and Whitmans Noiseless Patient Spider. This essay contrasts how poets, Robert Frost and Walt Whitman, both eloquently utilize a minute spider and turn this creature of nature into a grandiose display of life, but for opposite reasons. The author shows how Frost?s spider is a mediation of mans attempts and failures in finding order and meaning in the universe, whereas, Whitmans is a contemplation of mans attempt to fully connect to and understand the world around him. From the paper: ?Poems, unlike prose, are direct expressions of a creators feelings. Though a poet also makes use of metaphors and figurative speech to convey images, it is something else beyond the upper layer of language that makes a poem work. It is something that relates directly to the feelings and passions of the poet. We will write a custom essay sample on The Spider or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page For example, Robert Frosts poem, Design, is an exquisite play on striking images of dark and light, offering a look into this oppressive and isolated poets stark outlook on life. Whereas, his comrade, Walt Whitman, goes far above and beyond in both voice and metrical line with such a striking mural expansion of his optimistic view of the world around him in his poem, Noiseless, Patient Spider.

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Georgetown Scholarship Essay Example

Georgetown Scholarship Essay Example Georgetown Scholarship Essay Georgetown Scholarship Essay Essay Topic: Scholarship From abrogating the infamous problem of world hunger that is prevalent among the developing countries to the preservation of Mother Nature who seems to exponentially spiral down towards death in correlation to our nonstop industrial poison, the premiere issue that arises to be solved is not utilizing these funds solely to discover or use on research for the historically-yearned panacea of all these problems, but to discover the grades of importance to which these problems need to be chronologically addressed. Sure, the level of importance may fluctuate for people ith different perspectives, but finding the common ranks in which the majority agrees on will most likely prove to palliate the cons of our societys traditional morality. The sole most important problem: Poverty. My statement is controversial, yet I believe that I withhold a satisfactory Justification for my daring audacity in the statement. The Tree of Poverty is a colossal essence of our intricate society that branches off to too many malevolent factors, such as the branches of disease and hunger. Finding the conflagration to abolish this seemingly immortal tree would be iminishing the amplifying mercurial distance between the downright rich and the nadir of the poor, considering eighty percent of the population in the world today live in countries where income divergences keep expanding. How will we solve this? one might ask. The first step will be creating a chance for these countries by focusing on their children, their future. The establishment of educational services in countries that hold an insufficient amount of resources to do so will help reduce the 121 million children who are not in education that should be. : One must realize that the orld holds a massive number of uncut gems, but processing these potential gems to shine is what makes them valuable. This process represents the education in which millions of children will partake with the development of education in the places that are not able to do so. With this education, not only will they surpass the fortitude of the barrier of poverty to their dreams and goals, but exceed this to be so much greater. Nearly on par with the Tree of Poverty, the foundation of biodiversity holds on to its roots as the implacable dictator of industrialization threatens for its looming xtinction. What many might not know is that although technology is proving to become a somewhat sustainable factor as a bare replacement for the natural world, sustainability of the Earths present pulchritude is a much more efficient and reasonable validation when compared to the funding of expensively non-dependable technology we have today. One might believe that the preservation is not worth the benevolent aspects of industrialization. But considering the favored medicinal resources, recreational value of commonly known wildlife, the Joy of growing your wn plant life, and all the amiable values that come with our wondrous biologic life, the spending of money to further restrain the aggrandizing industrialization and preserve the treasure of wildlife is Justifiable by all means. By economically funding multifarious groups of biological preservation, it is believed that a gradual improvement will be shown as time goes by. Basically speaking, all the cute animals in the Atlanta Zoo you take your children to see wont all be extinct in ten years. The foundation of the common persons traditional morality both holds the potential for alevolence and benevolence, thus I believe that using titty million dollars tor these national problems will help diminish the potential for negative outcomes of mans works and focus more on its munificence. Although one might wish for the worlds problems to be gone with one trade of fifty million dollars and a snap of the fingers, people must acknowledge that they need not to imperiously rush through the fast- moving waters of the colossal river of society; rather, take one slow step at a time and find a way to make it to the other side.

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Case Study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Case Study - Assignment Example From the increasing sales that are being made from mobile commerce, it is quite evident that in the coming years a large percentage of all sales that occur in a particular country will be online. This is due to advancements that are being made in the technological world from smart phones to computers and even tablets. In future people all over the world will seem to be so busy working such that time for shopping is limited hence they will be obliged to do over the internet. As computer knowledge increase from generation to generation, there will be more conversance with these electronic devices and this will also raise the percentage rate of increase of mobile commerce. Through online buying, one can select a wide range of goods and services from foodstuffs to banking services hence saving time of having to move from place to place. Companies that involve mobile commerce such as OLX continue to build their routes because it is evident that the future of business is dependent on onlin e shopping due to studies done by Ipos indicating that the percentage of online shopping continues to increase over the years (Chen & Lee 33). The Edward Jones is a big company situated in the USA and it offers financial help to its customers through advising them on how to invest their money in the best way. It has been established strongly for many years because of managing properly the techniques they use to handle their customers. Although the company management interacts with its clients over the internet and other social media, it cannot do its business activities online. This is because it has branches all over Canada and USA hence they can easily be physically reached. It is also a risky business to do money transactions to people that are met over the internet hence the obligation for face to face encounter (Chen & Lee 37). However the use of internet makes their messages reach a wide range of potential customers who may be looking for their